We offer expert training and consultancy around LGBTQ+ awareness, actively being allies and creating safer and more inclusive spaces.

This is designed to to upskill staff teams, as well as as the people you work with, the knowledge, tools and confidence to work better with LGBTQ+ communities. We tailor our training bespoke to the context you are working in, and any learning and development needs your team may have.

All of our training is based on our expertise, best practice research and the lived experiences of our staff teams as well as the young people and communities we are working with. We also have an award for organisations or professionals to show that you are working to create safer spaces for LGBTQ+ people

Primary Schools

We offer training to teaching and non-teaching staff in primary schools.

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Secondary Schools

We offer training to teaching and non-teaching staff in secondary schools.

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We offer training to teaching and non-teaching staff in FE/HE Colleges.

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Healthcare services

We offer training to clinical and non-clinical staff in a range of healthcare settings, including with hospital staff, sexual health terms, mental health practitioners, clerical staff, and in general practices.

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Charities, businesses and state services

Whether you work in housing, drugs and alcohol, careers, fostering or youth work; whether you run a business: We can offer training to your staff team to meet their learning and development needs, and make your place of work a safe and inclusive environment for all.

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We also have online training courses which you can complete in your own time!

Our 'HIV awareness' training and 'Working with LGBTQ+ young people' courses will give you a level of awareness that we encourage you to share with others, and also provide lots of links for further information.