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The Brunswick Centre has a History of Providing Training Across Sectors and Services. We Have Knowledge, Expertise and Experience on a Variety of Topics, Including LGBT Young People; HIV (Including Stigma, Living With & Supporting People with HIV, Transmission & Prevention); Drug Use in a Sexualised Context (Chemsex), Benefits & Welfare Rights.

We have an established wellbeing service supporting people to self-care and manage long-term conditions, so we possess the skills and expertise to offer workplace support so you, your colleagues and clients/patients can better manage stress.

What We Can Offer You:

  • Briefings;
  • Basic awareness sessions;
  • Information around our work and services; and
  • Bespoke in-depth sessions to meet your specific requirements.

Briefings, basic awareness sessions and information around our work and services typically last an hour and we can provide these at no cost. Bespoke packages are offered at a cost to suit your needs and your budget.

For more information please see our training brochure here