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Providing training across sectors and services

We have knowledge, expertise, and experience on a variety of topics, including LGBTQ+ young people, HIV (including stigma, living with and supporting people with HIV, transmission and prevention), drug use in a sexualised context (Chemsex) and benefits and welfare rights.

We have an established well-being service supporting people to self-care and manage long-term conditions, so we possess the skills and expertise to offer workplace support so you, your colleagues and clients/patients can better manage stress.

We also have online training courses which you can complete in your own time!

Our 'HIV awareness' training and 'Working with LGBTQ+ young people' courses will give you a level of awareness that we encourage you to share with others, and also provide lots of links for further information.

What We Can Offer You:

  • Briefings;
  • Basic awareness sessions;
  • Information around our work and services; and
  • Bespoke in-depth sessions to meet your specific requirements.
  • Our training brochure

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We can deliver the training in-person face-to-face or via an online platform such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Contact us for more information and detail on costs.