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You can access The Brunswick Centre's counselling service if you're a resident in Calderdale or Kirklees and are:

  • HIV positive;
  • A carer, partner or family member of someone who is HIV positive;
  • A gay, or bisexual man, or a man who has sex with men or is attracted to men; and
  • A woman in a relationship with a man who has sex with or is attracted to men.
  • LGBT young person aged 11-24

Living with HIV can be an isolating and frightening experience. You have to manage your medication, doctor’s appointments, tests and anxiety about changes in your health, as well as coping with the attitudes and reactions of those close to you. Your thoughts and feelings may sometimes be confusing and distressing.

Perhaps you’re also going through relationship problems, bereavement or redundancy, or are dealing with the long term effects of childhood experiences such as abuse, bereavement or parental separation. Alternatively, you may just want help dealing with feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety or low self-worth.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to turn for help with worries about your sexuality and you can end up feeling stuck and isolated.

Perhaps you’re a man who’s having sex with men but can’t tell anyone, or you’re a straight man but feel attracted to other men, or maybe you feel you’re taking risks with your sexual health.

It can help to talk in confidence to a skilled professional, and the Brunswick Centre can offer up to 12 counselling sessions with a qualified and experienced counsellor free of charge, and you don’t have to be a registered service user to access the service.

Counselling gives you regular time and space to talk about what’s on your mind with a qualified and skilled professional. You can explore difficult experiences and feelings in an environment that is reliable, confidential and free from intrusion. Your counsellor will respect your viewpoint, while helping you to understand your feelings and behaviour, deal with problems and improve your relationships. Your counsellor may make suggestions about ways to support yourself but will not give advice or tell you how to live your life. Counselling sessions usually take place once a week. Making this regular commitment gives you a better chance of understanding and addressing the difficulties you are experiencing.

We can offer individual and couple counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) or person-centred counselling with one of our team of qualified and experienced counsellors and therapists. We have counsellors in several locations around Calderdale and Kirklees. All our counsellors belong to recognised professional bodies (e.g. BACP) and abide by their codes of ethics.

You can call or text our Operations Manager on 07780 302843 or email counselling@thebrunswickcentre.org.uk to find out more.

The following websites may be able to help you if you need any help with any counselling issues or you are feeling suicidal: