Values and Principles

The Brunswick Centre enables people from the communities we serve to make informed choices, build healthier relationships and live positive lives free of stigma.

Social Justice – We are committed to challenging injustice, oppression and social inequality on a range of levels, such as personal, cultural and institutional.

Equality - We will value and take account of difference in our engagement with individuals and community groups, and will work in a way that promotes, encourages and supports everyone to reach their full potential.

Person Centred Approach – We are committed to ensuring that person-centred values such as independence, individuality, privacy, choice, partnership, dignity, respect and rights are at the core of service delivery.

Coproduction – We will create an equal relationship between staff and people with lived experience, working together to design services and projects.

Professional Boundaries – We will maintain supportive and empowering boundaries with service users, encouraging autonomy and challenging dependency.

Holistic – We are passionate about taking an approach that acknowledges the importance of the whole person and engaging on a number of different levels including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Sustainability – We are committed to the effective use of financial and environmental resources to support long-term financial and ecological balance through recycling (wherever possible), efficiency savings and ensuring social value.

Quality – We strive for excellence through a continual approach to service evaluation and improvement.