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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

We now have our buildings risk assessed around Covid-19, and have measures in place to ensure the safety of both staff and service users, using PPE, having sanitizing stations throughout the buildings and social distancing measurements also in place. We are now in a position to offer rapid, free, confidential and Covid safe HIV testing, but only by appointment in pre arranged sessions, please see below for the dates of these sessions and how to make an appointment.

If you think you've been exposed to HIV in last 72 hours you can still access PEP (see below) which may prevent HIV. We are still able to continue our Condoms By Post and Slam packs by post services which can be accessed in the usual way (see below). We can also continue to provide support and information by telephone, text and email.

If you would like to contact us please click on Contact for information on how to do this.

HIV Prevention England (HPE) - Local Activation Partner (LAP)

Local activity delivered by the prevention team across Calderdale and Kirklees.

These activities support the national ‘It Starts With Me’ campaign and National HIV Testing Week by providing brief face-to-face interventions to help people reduce risk-taking and increase access to community HIV testing to reduce the incidence of HIV and the numbers of people with undiagnosed HIV.

Combination Prevention

There are various methods people can use to prevent HIV. People can use tools which suit their needs based on their HIV status, current relationship, the type of sex they are having, their finances and lifestyle.

We can stop HIV by using at least one prevention method.

HIV Testing

We are now able to offer Free, Rapid and Confidential HIV testing at drop in sessions and if you can't get to any of these you can phone and book an appointment. Our premises are risk assessed and we have precautions in place to make it Covid-19 safe.

Our drop in sessions are listed below or if you want to book an appointment or want any further information please contact Anne on 07703 187 976 or you can email her on anne@thebrunswickcentre.org.uk

If you want to do an assisted HIV test at home please contact Anne on 07703 187 976 or email her on anne@thebrunswickcentre.org.uk and she will post a test out to you and arrange a Zoom session with you to support you through the process.

Monday 7th February 2022 - 1 to 3 pm - Empire Adult Cinema Huddersfield.

Tuesday 8th February 2022 - 1 to 3 pm - St Augustine's Centre, Halifax

Tuesday 8th February 2022 - 6 to 8 pm - Drop in session at our Huddersfield Office - Fern Street East, St Andrew's Road, Huddersfield HD1 6SB. Full sexual health screenings also available at this session.

Wednesday 9th February 2022 - 12 to 3 pm - Plastic Ivy Sauna Dewsbury, full sexual health screenings also available at this session if wanted.

Thursday 10th February 2022 - 11 am to 2 pm - Calderdale Recovery Steps, Halifax

Wednesday 16th February 2022 - 6 to 8 pm - Drop in session at our Halifax office office - VAC, Hall Street, Halifax HX1 5AY press buzzer 6. Full sexual health screenings also available at this session if wanted.

Treatment as Prevention

People on effective treatment cannot transmit HIV to their sexual partners.

Anti-retroviral medication reduces the amount of virus in the blood to undetectable levels so that there is effectively no risk of transmission of HIV.

Want to know more? Click on the link:


Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)

PEP is a course of HIV medication that you take if you have been at risk of HIV infection within 72 hours (three days). It may prevent you from becoming infected with HIV.

The best place to get PEP is a sexual health clinic. If you need PEP over the weekend or outside office hours, when clinics may be closed, the best place to go to is an accident and emergency department.

To find a clinic, and for more information, click on https://sxt.org.uk/

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)

PrEP is medication that you take to stop yourself from getting HIV. You can take it either every day or before and after sex. It is extremely effective at stopping HIV infection.

PrEP is currently only available free in England if you are part of an IMPACT trial. Generic versions of PrEP are available to buy online. Find out more by clicking on https://www.iwantprepnow.co.uk/


Condoms are the best way of preventing the spread of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. They can also protect against unwanted pregnancy.

We supply condoms and lube (if needed) to communities at increased risk of HIV infection; these can be collected from our offices in Huddersfield and Halifax or we can post them out to you.

To access our Condoms by Post scheme you need to have a Calderdale or Kirklees postal address. We send out 20 regular condoms and 20 light lube by second class post. However if you have any special requests such as non latex, king size, trim etc we can send these out instead.

To order them you can phone us on 01484 469691 or 01422 341764, or text your name and address and quote ‘condoms’ (if you require condoms only) or ‘condoms and lube’ to 07874 643429. Alternatively, you can email us at condomsbypost@thebrunswickcentre.org.uk

Your information is not stored or shared; this is a confidential service.


Chemsex is a common term used by gay or bisexual men on sexual networking sites and smartphone apps.

It is a specific form of drug use where men take certain drugs to facilitate and enhance their sexual experience.

Chemsex is defined by the use of three specific drugs (“chems”) in a sexual context.

These three drugs are mephedrone, methamphetamine and GHB/GBL.

While some people feel comfortable with their drug use, chemsex can become problematic due to increased risks of STI/HIV transmission, adverse mental health effects or drug dependency.

For further information check out https://www.gmfa.org.uk/saferchems-slamming

Check out these links if you want support around drug and alcohol use or to access needle exchanges:



Also, check out the Safer Chems Facebook page for Calderdale and Kirklees. There is more local information on there, and you can private message us if you want any support or to ask any questions; it’s strictly confidential.


Free Slam Packs by Post

This is a strictly confidential service; packs are posted in plain and discreet packaging and we will not store or share your details. Just text ‘SLAM’ to 07874 643429 with an address where we can send them to.


Our HIV Prevention team work actively in cruising grounds across Calderdale and Kirklees, providing condoms and lube, information and support around HIV, sexual health and any other issues that may affect wellbeing.

There are several things to remember if you have sex in a public space, the most important being to look after your health and safety.

It is an offence to drop litter, be seen involved in sexual activity or for your genitals to be seen in order to cause alarm or distress. It is not an offence to walk around an area, hold hands, kiss or show affection to someone in public. The police should not ask for your name and address unless an offence has been committed.

We liaise with the police, other statutory bodies and community forums to ensure cruising areas are kept safe for those using them.

For more information around the policing of public sex environments (cruising sites) click on this link:


We also perform outreach across Calderdale and Kirklees, working in venues that are accessed by communities most at risk of HIV infection.

Online Outreach

We use social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter, along with smartphone applications, such as Grindr and SQUIRT, to promote HIV prevention, sexual health and to advertise our outreach HIV testing sessions. These sites also allow people to private message us if they require any information or support.

Formula Milk Programme

It is recommended that HIV positive mothers do not breastfeed and do not use their own expressed breast milk to feed their babies. This is the single most important means of reducing the risk of infection to their baby post-delivery.

Formula milk is the recommended alternative and the Brunswick Centre will supply, free of charge, a steriliser with four feeding bottles and up to two tins of formula milk per week to any HIV positive mothers living in Calderdale and Kirklees following the birth of their child and up until the child’s first birthday.

Click on this link for further information about bottle-feeding:


Sexual Health Clinics in Calderdale and Kirklees


Princess Royal Community Health Centre, Greenhead Road, Huddersfield, HD1 4EW

Dewsbury Health Centre, Wellington Road, Dewsbury, WF13 1HN

Telephone number for both clinics: 0303 330 9981

For further information click on the link https://www.locala.org.uk/serv...


Calderdale Integrated Sexual Health, Sexual Health Centre, 51 Northgate, Broad Street Plaza, Halifax, HX1 1UB

Telephone: 01422 261370

For further information click on the link http://sexualhealth.cht.nhs.uk/think-sexual-health/

Other Areas

If you want to access a sexual health clinic in a different area click on these links for more information: