Health and Wellbeing

We offer themed wellbeing workshops; dance, yoga and fitness classes; run a regular walking group; and have our own allotment.

We can help you manage a wide range of symptoms associated with HIV, working alongside your existing medical treatment programme. Some of the ways we help include:

  1. Relaxation and stress management;
  2. Improving digestive function and circulation;
  3. Boosting energy levels;
  4. Relieving muscular tension and keeping the back and joints moving;
  5. Relieving sleep problems;
  6. Managing anxiety and building self-esteem; and
  7. Supporting your immune system.

We also offer self-care management advice and support.

We post regularly on Facebook and Twitter about these sessions and we also post self-management tips. To find out more on how to access therapies and workshops please contact the office.