Mission Zero - Calderdale Fast Track Health Initiative

Mission Zero is a new initiative focussed on ending new HIV, TB and viral hepatitis transmissions

This will help in stopping preventable deaths and eliminating associated discrimination and stigma in Calderdale by 2030.

Focusing on prevention, testing, treatment, and support services, the project seeks to improve health outcomes and reduce health disparities across Calderdale.

Mission Zero is a partnership with local healthcare providers, public health agencies, and community organisations

✓ Take control of your health: Get tested and know your status for HIV, TB and viral hepatitis

✓ Treatment works: Access treatment and care services

✓ Support is available: Reach out for support and resources if you or someone you know is affected by infections diseases

Stigma and discrimination have detrimental impacts on individuals and communities affected by or HIV, TB, and viral hepatitis, reinforcing social injustices and hindering access to prevention, testing, care and other necessary resources. Mission Zero provides information and links to many services and resources to stop this related discrimination and stigma.