Black History Month

October is Black History Month 2022!

We are proud to be celebrating Black History Month 2022!

Have a look at what's going on locally for Black History Month!:

Conscious Youth

Black History Month

Here are ways you can be an ally to the Black community:

1. Listen

Listen even when it's difficult to hear. So many Black people struggle to open up about their experiences, it's important you recognise this.

2. Understand racism is everywhere

Step outside of your experiences and your beliefs and recognise that racism is happening. Just as age, gender, and sexuality influence people's actions, so does race.

3. Be careful not to overwhelm people

Explaining the realities of racism by people who actually experience it can be exhausting. It's not for Black people to relive their trauma just for you to learn how to better educate yourself.

4. Recognise and use your privilege

Having privilege doesn't mean you've not had your fair share of struggles. Once you acknowledge your privilege, no matter how uncomfortable, use it to centre and amplify the experiences of others who haven't been afforded the same advantages as you.

5. Speak up!

Use your platform to speak up about the experiences of Black people, to educate others and amplify Black voices. Don't just speak up when it's convenient or when it's 'trending'.

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