Get in touch:

Kirklees: 01484 469691

Calderdale: 01422 341764

Support Groups, Workshops and Events

The HIV Support team run a number of groups, workshops and events which are designed to improve health and well-being. In addition, they aim to increase peer support amongst people affected by HIV and encourage self-care management.

All groups, workshops and events are designed to be safe and confidential spaces. This is only possible if everyone takes responsibility for this and everyone is expected to sign and abide by a code of conduct.

Groups, workshops and events are open to Brunswick Centre HIV Support team registered Service Users from anywhere in Calderdale or Kirklees (with limitaions for certain groups, workshops and events, for example, women only, men only or children and parents only). We can support people with transport/travel and/or childcare if needed.

Details of when the groups meet and other workshops and events can be found in our newsletter or events page on our website or by contating the office on 01422 341 764 / 01484 469 691.

Our Children and Families group meets on a Saturday afternoon once a month for a few hours in a child friendly venue. Refreshments and activities for children are available along with access and support from our staff. Please contact Cath on 01422 341 764 / 01484 469 691 for more details.

Our team also run regular workshops and events and these are publicised throughout the organisation and in our newsletter and on the events page of our website.