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HIV Support Service

The Support Team forms part of the Brunswick Centre and aims to work with service users in a holistic way so that their social care needs are met and their well-being maintained and improved.

Staff use Needs Assessment and Outcome tools to work with service users to identify their needs, formulate an action plan and measure outcomes. Staff work with service users to encourage and develop self-care management so that service users can take control of their health and social care.

The team, like the rest of the charity work within a code of conduct, confidentiality and equal opportunity polices.

The Brunswick Centre is aware of the social and health inequalities that impact on people’s sexual health and exposure to HIV infection and works at a service delivery and a strategic level to redress this. The charity provides Intervention, Support & Prevention services to people infected /affected by HIV/AIDS.

The link below will take you to a video presentation which gives you an overview of our HIV Support Service: