Our HIV Prevention team work actively in cruising grounds across Calderdale and Kirklees, providing condoms and lube, information and support around HIV, sexual health and any other issues that may affect wellbeing.

There are several things to remember if you have sex in a public space, the most important being to look after your health and safety.

It is an offence to drop litter, be seen involved in sexual activity or for your genitals to be seen in order to cause alarm or distress. It is not an offence to walk around an area, hold hands, kiss or show affection to someone in public. The police should not ask for your name and address unless an offence has been committed.

We liaise with the police, other statutory bodies and community forums to ensure cruising areas are kept safe for those using them.

More information around the policing of public sex environments (cruising sites)

We also perform outreach across Calderdale and Kirklees, working in venues that are accessed by communities most at risk of HIV infection.

Online Outreach

We use social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter, along with smartphone applications, such as Grindr and SQUIRT, to promote HIV prevention, sexual health and to advertise our outreach HIV testing sessions. These sites also allow people to private message us if they require any information or support.