Trans Adult Role Model Panel

On Tuesday 13th June 2023, We hosted a Trans Adult Role Model Panel! It was a great opportunity for trans young people and their parents / carers to meet Transgender and Non-Binary adults and learn about their lives.

Thank you for having us and giving us space to share our experiences - Panellist

As a parent who is quite far on the journey I found tonight very emotional. It was great to hear the different experiences of the adult panel and it gave me reassurance for the future - Parent

I think this was very useful as a young person as it has helped me to feel as if I can relate to people. Thank you - Young person

What a wonderful event. It’s given me so much hope that my grandson will be alright through his trans journey. The panel were so articulate, authentic and inspiring - Grandparent

Such a wonderful opportunity to see wonderful people living their best lives. It gives me so much hope for my own trans child - Parent

I feel like I learnt a lot. I feel quite happy to see people like me doing all the things I want to achieve which showed me that it is in fact possible! - Young person

Such a great event. It was nice to meet people happy being who they want to be, living their best lives - Parent

The event was amazing. I relate a lot and it helps a lot - Young person

I wasn’t sure about coming but it was very positive and without needless encouraging especially about surgery and hormones, being open and honest about the difficulties as well as the benefits. Also really good having the younger children away but the parents still getting the information - Parent

Absolutely amazing panel and hosts. Very much enjoyed - Young person

Very informative, lovely to see the positivity from all concerned - Young person