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40 Years of HIV

June 2021 marks the 40th Anniversary of the first description of AIDS.

How common is HIV in the UK?

The most recent estimate suggests there were 105,200 people living with HIV in the UK in 2019. Of these, around 6,600 are undiagnosed so do not know they are HIV positive.

Anyone can get HIV but people from some groups or parts of the world are more likely to be affected. Men who have sex with men and black African people are disproportionately affected.

Of the 4,139 people diagnosed with HIV in the UK in 2019, 41% were gay or bisexual men.

Of the 1,559 heterosexual people diagnosed with HIV in 2019, 37% were black African men and women.

In 2017, the overall mortality rate for people aged 15-59 who were diagnosed early was, for the first time, equal to that of the general population for the same age group.

Ending HIV transmission in England by 2030

The HIV Commission have published their findings for ending HIV transmission in England by 2030.

Click on the link below to read the full report.