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Stephen Bond

I am the chair of the board of trustees and also take the lead on safeguarding.

I first became aware of the Brunswick Centre over ten years ago, when a friend told me he attended the Men’s Group. I was immediately interested in the Centre as I had previously started training with the Terence Higgins Trust but had to stop this when I returned to live in Yorkshire from London.

I also started to attend the Men’s Group and, eventually, I began to volunteer for the Centre as well as performing outreach and chlamydia testing. At this time, the Centre was also running The Pink Picnic and when it was decided to hand this back to the community to run, I became a member of the committee and took on the role of deputy chair and then chair the following year. During my five years of involvement, the Committee has raised £10,000 for the Brunswick Centre.

Following my resignation from The Pink Picnic, I became a trustee with the Brunswick Centre, eventually becoming vice-chair and, now, chair.

I am very passionate about the work of the Brunswick Centre and I am extremely proud to be a part of it.