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Gareth Cutter

Gareth is treasurer on the board of trustees.

Gareth joined the Brunswick Centre as a trustee in July 2016 through a desire to donate time and skills to a charity supporting disadvantaged people and to develop professionally by working at board level.

Gareth has a diverse professional background: he spent nearly six years working in the commercial digital marketing sector before transitioning to working freelance in the arts sector, including managing the activities of an LGBTQ arts organisation based in Manchester. He currently lives and works in London for an arts-based charity, working in an area of extreme deprivation, responsible for increasing its funding base. He is also a performing artist with his own creative practice, sharing work at nationally recognised festivals. He is driven by a desire for equality, particularly in respect of sex, sexuality, gender, and those living with HIV, and is exploring ways in which the creative arts can be used to challenge stigma and make positive social change.

When not working, you can find Gareth either at arts events, running in the park, reading a book, playing guitar or generally being sociable.